01.The order

What is the estimated delivery date of my order?
To ensure a seamless and fast delivery of your jewellery, we cooperate with premier logistics partners in India. Once your order has been verified, it may take up to 48 hours for us to process it. Deliveries are completed within 5-7 business days after your item has been delivered from our warehouse. We'll keep sending you updates on your order to the phone number and email address you provided.

How do I return your product
We're sorry to hear you'd like to return the item. Simply send us an email at care@unigem.in. explaining that you wish to return the product, along with product photographs and your purchase number.Reverse pick up takes roughly 72 hours, after which we will begin processing your refund. Please keep in mind that refunds can take up to 5-7 business days to process. 

Do you ship outside India? 
At this time, we only offer free shipping to India. If you're willing to pay for shipping, we can deliver to your address. If you would want to get the products outside of India, please contact care@unigem.in.

Can I pay via EMI?
Sure, we make it as convenient as possible for our customers to make payments. You can opt for EMI via your credit card. 

Can I pay online payment when the parcel arrive?
Most of our shipping partners offer to collect COD payment so you can request the delivery person to receive the payment via UPI.

Can you offer me a custom discount code?
We understand that you want the greatest bargain possible. Please keep in mind that our usual applicable coupons can be found on the website. In addition, we operate a number of discount programmes in conjunction with other events. Please subscribe to our email for more information about discounts and greatest deals!

02. American diamond

What is American diamond Jewellery?
An American diamond is a simulant diamond stone, which is composed of different elements as compared to pure carbon used in manufacturing a diamond in the lab. While American diamond shares similar physical appearance with the natural or lab-grown diamond, their chemical composition is entirely different from the real diamonds that are either found in nature or formed in labs.

Are American diamonds real diamonds?
No, an American Diamond is not a real diamond
. It is another name for Cubic Zirconia, a synthesized replacement for diamonds. 

Is American diamond worth buying?
American diamonds are cheaper compared to the real ones. The price of the real diamond is affected by numerous factor, but Yes, American Diamond are worth buying as it looks like real.  

How long do American diamonds last?
An American diamond will last as long as you use it without abrasion. The more careless you get the lesser the life of an American diamond. 

Does American diamond loose shine?
It is important to take care of American Diamond jewellery because it tends to lose its shine if you hard use it or put dirt or oil in it.

What are the benefits of wearing American diamond?
The American diamond jewelery helps in instilling self-confidence in its wearer. The American diamond gemstone maintains the physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium in a person's life. American diamonds are comparatively soft and brittle. The edges of American diamonds are not as sharp, so it enhances your look & charm.